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Vega sells a variety of plant-based products including shake powders and ready-to-drink shakes, nutritional bars and more.

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Vega One® All-in-One Shake Summary

Vega prides itself on offering a selection of shakes that support overall health and don’t contain the mix of unhealthy ingredients that many other brands on the market do. Their impressive line-up of natural ingredients includes plant-based proteins, superfoods and probiotics, however many reviewers actually complained about a specific fiber that caused digestive issues. Also, many others didn’t care for the taste.*

Can this shake live up to the hype that it’s a well-balanced, nutritious beverage, and equally as important, can it help you lose weight? Let’s find out…


There are a variety of flavor options for this particular shake type including Chocolate, Vanilla Chai, Berry, Mocha, and French Vanilla.

In this review we will be focusing on the French Vanilla flavor, since that is the option we use for every brand review to keep them all consistent.

Vega One® All-in-One Nutrition Facts

As a company, Vega offers a variety of plant-based, wholesome products including nutritional and workout protein powders, ready-to-drink shakes, supplements, meal bars and more.

In their protein powder sector, they offer a variety of options based upon a person’s individual wants and needs. Since we are reviewing meal replacement shakes for weight loss on this review site, we chose the shake that we felt best fit into this category: the Vega One All-In-One Shake.


So let’s take a look at the Vega One All-In-One Shake French Vanilla label…

Vega One Nutrition Facts

Vega One Ingredients

Vega One Ingredients


Slightly Higher Calories Per Serving (For a Weight Loss Shake)

At first glance, the Vega shake label is impressive, containing all the things you want to see in a meal replacement shake. But looking at the Frequently Asked Questions on the product page of the company’s website, it’s clear that this shake was not designed to be a weight loss shake, but rather as a healthy daily nutritional beverage. In fact, the company states to consult a health care professional if you are trying to lose weight with this shake to see what’s right for you.

And one piece of evidence that this shake was not created to be a weight loss shake is the higher calorie amount per serving. Although 160 calories per serving for this shake flavor is by no means awful, we always prefer to see the calorie amount as close to 100 calories per serving as possible – which is the best option for effective weight loss. This amount of calories gives you room to add other healthy ingredients into your smoothie and still keep your daily caloric intake at a great place to drop pounds.*

A Good Amount of Plant-Based Proteins (Some Better for Weight Loss Than Others)

Despite the fact that this shake was not created to be a weight loss shake, there is a good amount of protein per serving at 20g, which will certainly help to boost your metabolism to burn more calories and fat, and keep you full and satisfied for a longer time period.

We also like the protein sources they chose, which include pea, hemp and sacha inchi proteins. Personally, our favorites are the pea and hemp proteins. Pea protein is packed with branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which help keep your body in muscle-building state and may also help you decrease belly fat.2 In addition, hemp protein helps to raise your metabolism and keep you full, and it also contains essential fatty acids important for overall health.3

A lesser known protein, sacha inchi, has been studied and found to be high in tryptophan, which may help promote weight loss by increasing serotonin in the body, thereby reducing overall appetite. However, there are not enough clinical trials to prove if this theory is true and if sacha inchi is indeed beneficial for weight loss.4

The protein does, however, potentially support health in a number of ways. And since all the proteins in this shake are plant-based, the beverage is suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Good Fiber but May Cause Potential Digestive Distress

The Vega One All-In-One Shake French Vanilla provides a good amount of fiber at 6g per serving, however, many online reviews expressed that you have to start very slow with this shake, because it can cause some intense digestive issues like bloating, diarrhea and cramping until your body gets used to it.

The main reason behind these potential symptoms is the ingredient, inulin (from chicory root), which was added into the formula the last time Vega revised their shake formulation. Inulin is a soluble fiber found in many fruits and vegetables that is not absorbed by the digestive tract. However, even though you don’t absorb it, studies have shown that this fiber extract can result in side effects for the consumer including gas and bloating.5

For this reason, Vega suggests that you start drinking this shake by consuming half of the serving size in order to remove some of the shock to your system and allow your body to get used to this ingredient gradually, reducing the symptoms.

On the positive side, once your body gets used to this particular ingredient along with having more fiber and nutrients in your body in general, the shake can help to keep your bowels regular and remove potentially harmful toxins from your body.

Vitamins, Minerals and Added Superfoods (Plus Probiotics)

The Vega One All-In-One Shake French Vanilla offers 20 vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B6 and B12 and minerals magnesium, calcium and folate. With meal replacement shakes, you always want to see a good amount of nutrients per serving, so the fact that they include so many is a major plus.

The shake also contains some superfoods to further assist in supporting your daily health including organic spirulina, kale, marine algae, chlorella vulgaris and a dried fruit and veggie blend.

In addition, the shake does contain probiotics in the form of a strain called bacillus coagulans, which helps to support your gut, digestive and overall health. However, it is not shown on the label how much probiotics you receive in each shake serving – a detail that would be nice to know since at least 1 billion CFU per serving is ideal for optimal results.

1g of Sugar But Some Negative “Taste” Reviews

Now it might just be this particular French Vanilla shake flavor that some people didn’t care for, or maybe its just a matter of preference, but we found quite a few reviews of people not liking the taste of this shake.

The shake powder itself is tinted green, not white, and many said that the taste had “veggie like undertones” to it aligned with kale or another green veggie. While some said they liked the texture, others said it was too thick and hard to swallow, so they didn’t recommend you drink it with just water.

On the plus side, this shake only has 1g of sugar per serving. Of course in any meal replacement weight loss shake, the less amount of sugar per serving the better. It’s also great that this shake doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners, which some studies show can actually lead to weight gain.

Vega One Cost

Vega’s price point isn’t awful, but there are also shakes that come in at a greater value for a phenomenal product, including our top-rated shake, 310 Shake.

The thing about the Vega One All-In-One Shake is that there is only 19-20 servings in their large container option (depending on the flavor). Since this will not get you through an entire month, you will need to think about reordering mid-month, or buy in bulk, which is feasible if you like the product, but not if you’re just trying it out.

The price for the large container of this shake on the company website is $52.49, which puts it at $2.76 per serving for 19-serving per container flavors and $2.62 per serving for the 20-serving per container flavors.

Although Vega says that they offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on their product (by returning it to the vendor you purchased from), they state that is has to be UNUSED and in its original packaging – so you can’t try the product to see if you like it and then return it.

Vega One® All-in-One Conclusion

If you’re looking to use this particular shake as a healthy daily supplement to help you meet your nutrient requirements and allow you to have quick and convenient meals, than this might be the shake for you. This shake powder has numerous ingredients that support your overall health including protein, fiber, superfoods, vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

However, if you’re looking for a meal replacement shake to help you lose weight and support a healthy lifestyle, than you might want to choose one that has even less calories per serving (as close to 100 calories per serving as possible) and that has no sugar at all – while still having all of the benefits that this shake does.

A few other things to note about this shake are the taste, which came up with mixed reviews, some saying that they considered the French Vanilla to be too “green-tasting” and bland. Also, many people experienced digestive issues when they first started drinking this shake and had to ease into daily use by starting with half the serving size.

Finally, there is the price, which isn’t as high as some meal replacement shakes but isn’t as low as some others either. And you can only return a product if it is unopened and unused. If you think this might be the shake for you, make sure to compare it to other reviews on our site before moving forward, so you can find your perfect match.


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