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Teami's strength is making teas, but they have recently started making meal replacement shakes.

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Teami Organic Plant-Based Wellness Protein Shake Review

The Teami company is known for its wellness and immune support products on social media. One of their newest additions to their product lineup is the Teami Wellness Protein Vegan Shake, a totally organic, vegan-based protein powder free of gluten, dairy, soy, or artificial flavor. Its low net carbs make it keto compatible, thus expanding its market.

In this Teami review article on the vanilla flavored Wellness Protein Shake, we will look at the ingredients and nutrition facts and feedback on the taste and texture to determine how best to use this shake-as a meal replacement or as a supplement. You be the judge after reading the review.

Teami Plant-Based Protein Shake Nutrition Facts

First, let’s take a look at the ingredients in this shake. You may notice that this list is small, which is both good and bad. On the one hand, you don’t see a lot of additives or chemicals that don’t look familiar, but on the other hand, are there enough ingredients in here to sustain your appetite and to count as a meal?


Organic Teami protein (organic pea protein, organic rice protein), organic inulin algae (prebiotic soluble fiber), natural vanilla flavor, Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil from coconut, Guar gum fiber, White Tea Extract, Monk Fruit, Calcium Phosphate, Silicon Dioxide.

Protein Source and Type

You can see from the ingredient list that 100% vegetable and grain proteins are used. The pea protein supplies lysine, in which rice protein is low, while rice protein supplies methionine, in which pea protein is low. Combining the two types of protein sources will supply all of the essential amino acids that you need.  Eating more plant-based proteins will round out the nutrients you receive from your food. Studies have shown that rice protein performs just as well as whey protein in post-recovery workouts.

Organic Inulin Algae

Inulin algae aren’t digested in the gastrointestinal tract and have no net effect on calories. Inulin is a prebiotic that nourishes gut bacteria which turn the inulin into short-chain fatty acids, which are then used for energy. Manufacturers add inulin to foods to:


  • Boost the prebiotic content
  • Replace the fat in foods
  • Replace sugar in foods
  • Alter the texture of the food
  • Improve the health benefits of the food due to the gut health benefits of the fiber


Several studies indicate that inulin helps with weight loss.

Natural Vanilla Flavor

Natural vanilla extract comes from the vanilla orchid, which, when pollinated, produces a pod of vanilla beans. Cured and fermented beans are ground up and soaked with alcohol and water to create the flavorful extract.

Medium-Chain Triglyceride Oil

The liver easily digests Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). MCT oil changes the metabolism in favor of weight loss. Considered a superfood by some, MCT contains fatty acids known to heal infections and improve digestion.

Guar Gum Fiber

Guar gum is used for constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Guar gum may be helpful in weight loss since it expands in the intestines creating a sense of fullness, thus reducing the appetite.

White Tea Extract

Recent studies at Pace University have shown that there is a major health benefit of white tea extract — it can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the body with more success than other teas. The study focused primarily on the bacteria that cause Staphylococcus infections, Streptococcus infections, and pneumonia.” The polyphenols in white tea have been shown to be high in antioxidants. It has also been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well as fighting fatigue. 

White tea has the lowest concentration of caffeine in all the teas. Despite this, the caffeine combined with the high amounts of the L-theanine in white tea might cause increased alertness, not a state to be in just before bedtime. L-theanine is an amino acid not commonly found in the diet.

Monk Fruit

Monk fruit is a small, sub-tropical melon grown in Asia for over 2,000 years. It is a natural low-calorie alternative to sugar. Monk fruit is 150-250 times sweeter than table sugar, has zero calories and carbs, and does not raise blood sugar levels.

Calcium Phosphate

Calcium phosphate helps to regulate acidity in foods. It is also used as a calcium supplement in foods. 

Silicon Dioxide

This is a common food additive that has anti-caking properties. It has no nutritive value. It is found naturally in the human body and in plants. While safe to use as a food additive, studies on it are a bit controversial.

Teami Plant-Based Protein Shake Label

Teami Shake Label


The label is short, and so is the list of nutrients. Let’s take a deep dive into the nutrient content and take a look under the hood of this shake to see what is in it, nutritionally speaking.

Calories: There are 100 calories per serving. This is a low enough amount to include on a weight loss diet if using as a protein supplement or energy booster.

Total Fat: The shake is low in total fat and saturated fat as well since it has a vegan origin. The label lists 1 gm of total fat per serving.

Sodium: At 140 mg per serving, it is not a significant source of sodium.

Total Carbohydrates: The label lists 6 grams of total carbohydrate, but half of this comes from fiber sources. So, net carbs are low in this product.

Dietary Fiber: The shake has 3 grams of water-soluble fiber, which is not a high amount, only 12% of the Daily Value (DV). Fiber is a cornerstone of any weight-loss plan since it helps with satiety and digestion. The fiber sources are inulin and guar gum.

Protein: The shake lists 17 grams of vegan protein per serving. This is enough to satisfy the appetite and to boost energy and metabolism. This is especially important to keep you from snacking on low nutrient-dense foods throughout the day. The mixture of peas and rice form a complete protein with all the essential amino acids.

Vitamins and Minerals: There are no added vitamins or minerals.

Sugars: There is no added sugar. The sweetness comes from monk fruit, a natural sweetener.

Cholesterol: There is no cholesterol because it is a vegan product.

Teami Wellness Protein Shake Flavors, Taste and Texture

The shake now comes in three flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and triple berry. Customers have had mixed reviews about the flavor and texture, with most of the reviews seen as positive. How are they doing on reviews? While most people said the flavors were tasty and did not have a chalky texture when made into a smoothie, some of the negative comments included:

  • Has a medicine aftertaste
  • There is a chalky feel to it when you make it into a smoothie
  • If they made it in a larger size and cut back on the sweetener, this would be five stars, hands down 
  • The overwhelming sweetness was the first turn-off
  • I just read about them finding arsenic, cadmium and lead in their products and I am scared


Vegan shakes are often chalky or even gritty when mixed, but the website claims that they went above and beyond the call in making their shakes smooth and creamy. More reviews can be found on the Teami website.

Teami Wellness Protein Shake Cost

A 14-serving size shake container costs $31.99 or $2.29 per serving. There is also free shipping for orders over $34.99.

The cost per serving may be reasonable for a meal replacement shake, but remember, there are few ingredients in this product. And, there are only 14 servings in a container, so it wouldn’t last too long before you would have to replace your supply. These are things to think about when evaluating the cost of a product.

Furthermore, there are no money-back guarantees. If you buy the product and don’t like it, there is no avenue for returning it. Products have to be returned unopened.

What is the Problem with Metal Contamination?

The Clean Label Project measured the levels of heavy metals, BPA, pesticides, and other contaminants (more than 150 in all) in protein powders and drinks. Overall, the products made from sources of plant-protein scored worse than those made from whey (milk) or egg with twice as much lead and measurably higher levels of other contaminants. Because plants take up metals through their root system, it is virtually impossible to make a plant-based protein powder with no residual metal in it, according to one scientist. The source of the metal is both soil and packaging. The Clean Label Project found BPA in over 50% of the protein powders tested. I did not find Teami Wellness Shake in the Clean Label database to evaluate.

Who is Behind Teami Wellness Shakes?

Adi Adrezzini is the CEO and co-founder of Teami Shakes, found herself having health issues at age 23 after her military service. In search of an answer to her ills, she began blending her own teas. Adi read many books on colon health, and the negative effects accumulated toxins can have on the body. Adi continued with her formulations until she solved her own digestive issues. That is why you see so many digestive aids and products on the company’s website and why the protein shake contains elements that assist with the digestive process, such as inulin fiber.

Teami Wellness Shake Conclusion

In summary, this is a great vegan protein supplement if you are looking to supplement your protein intake on a weight loss diet or want an energy boost and protein replacement pre or post-workout. It does not have the necessary ingredients to qualify as a meal replacement. It is also a bit pricey for so few ingredients.

While it contains 100% plant-based protein, it lacks vitamins and minerals, enough fiber to keep you satiated throughout your day, probiotics, or superfoods to qualify it as a meal replacement. 

While it is of concern that plant-based protein powders have been found to contain high amounts of lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals, each powder is different. Even low levels of lead, however, can become cumulative and cause health risks. Protein powder companies should be encouraged to have their products third-party lab tested for these contaminants and to post the results publicly. They should also be proactive in their packaging design to assure no leakage of BPA occurs and to strive to become fully transparent about the cleanliness of their products.

Hopefully, this review gave you enough information to make an informed decision about whether this shake is the right one for you. If you still have questions, take a look at some of the other top reviews on our site right now for comparison.


1Nutritional information from Price per serving calculated from a package price of $31.99 for Organic Plant-Based Wellness Protein, Rich Chocolate with 14 servings per package. Accessed 6.10/20.