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Premier Nutrition manages a collection of CPG brands—each designed to deliver high-quality, great-tasting nutrition that fits into people's lives.

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310 Shake is a healthy meal replacement formula made with some of the finest natural ingredients in the world.

Premier Protein Shake Summary

Have you been trying to add more protein into your daily diet to give you more energy, boost your metabolism, or assist with weight loss? If so, you may have passed a container of Premier Protein on the shelves of a local retail store and wondered if the shake could help you with your goals.

Premier Protein drinks are quite popular due to their visibility in stores, and since they’re low in total and net carbs, so people can utilize them on the keto diet. But are they the clean diet shake you’ve been seeking? Do they fit into a healthy lifestyle and long-term health plan? Read on to find out…  


Taste / Flavors


Premier Protein drinks come in two different types: a protein powder that allows you to customize your smoothies, or ready-to-drink shakes. Today, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the Premier Protein Powders.


The whey protein powders come in five flavors: Chocolate Milkshake, Vanilla Milkshake, Café Latte, Chocolate Protein and Vanilla Protein.


So, what do reviews reveal about the taste of these shakes? While some fans really liked the taste, others expressed a serious dislike for them. Read on to see what some of the actual reviews said…


Positive reviews on Premier Shake mentioned…


  • This is by far the best shake I’ve tried
  • I feel like I’m drinking a treat instead of a healthy shake
  • The Vanilla tastes like your drinking dessert


The negative reviews mentioned…


  • The ready-to-drink shakes taste much better
  • It gets very clumpy in my coffee
  • I really dislike the taste

Premier Protein Nutrition Facts

Reviews on the taste of this protein powder seem to be split 50/50, but what about the ingredients? Do they nourish a healthy diet or go against your health goals? We’re going to take an in-depth look at the Premier Vanilla Protein Powder to find out…

Premier Protein Vanilla Powder Label:

Premier Protein Shake Nutritional Information label


Each Premier Protein Vanilla Shake has 180 calories per 1-scoop serving, which is a decent amount. Typically for weight loss, we recommend that your shake be around 100 calories per serving. This leaves room for you to mix the powder with milk instead of water, and add additional ingredients to create healthy smoothies.

The important thing to remember is that you need to burn more calories than you consume each day for weight loss – and the most efficient way to do that is to track exactly how many calories you take in. To start, you can determine a personalized daily calorie goal for weight loss and weight maintenance with a calorie calculator tool.

This way, you will know an exact number to aim for per meal. If you know that you’ll be drinking your protein shakes with just water, and are able to eat a reasonable number of calories per meal, you may be able to get away with Premier Protein’s 180 calories per serving.

Protein Amount

As for the amount of protein in the shake, it’s very high at 30g per serving. Most meal replacement shakes designed for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss typically have 15-20g of protein per serving. Anything higher than that is usually designed for more muscle-building goals.

Although a higher amount of protein is not necessarily bad for you, it also may not be needed. Make sure to add other lean/nutritious sources of protein to your diet when you aren’t having protein shakes, such as chicken, salmon, eggs, and unsweetened Greek yogurt. You definitely don’t want to lean on Premier shakes as your only source of protein throughout the day.

Protein Type

As for the type of protein in the shakes, they include a whey protein concentrate, which again is a great choice for muscle-building and toning. Although whey-based shakes are very popular, we personally prefer plant-based protein powders (such as you’ll find in our #1 rated shake, 310 Shake).

Plant-based shakes are becoming more and more popular as studies show that they can be just as effective as whey in improving fitness gains, while providing additional health benefits. But, if you typically don’t have problems digesting dairy products, then whey is also a good choice.

Each Premier Shake provides 6.6g of naturally-occurring branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) from the whey per serving. Why are BCAAs important? Your body needs these essential amino acids to make proteins – the building clocks of your cells, tissues and organs; But, you cannot produce them yourself, so you need to get them from your diet.


Whereas you want your meal replacement shakes to contain a good amount of protein, you also want them to be low in carbs for weight loss. And Premier Protein drinks are exactly that, with 8g of total carbohydrates (and 6g of net carbs) per serving.

Since Premier Shakes are lower in carbs, you can definitely use them on low-carb or keto diets –but keep in mind that there are other shakes we review on this site that are even lower in carbs. For instance, 310 Shake has only 2g of net carbs, because it’s higher in fiber.


Speaking of fiber, this is an area where Premier Protein gets things wrong… with the Vanilla Protein Powder only offering 2g of fiber per serving, from inulin. Why create a protein shake with so many positive aspects and then make it low in fiber?

Fiber is an essential ingredient you should have at every meal, ensuring proper digestion, and promoting satiety for weight loss. Fiber also contributes to healthy cholesterol levels and supports heart health.

Without enough fiber in your diet, you’re likely to feel bloated, constipated and lethargic. Which is why we recommend that if you drink Premier Protein Powder, you use it in smoothies, and add in additional high-fiber ingredients.

Sugar / Sweeteners

As for the sugar amount in each shake, Premier Shakes are low in sugar – but not low enough, in our opinions. Each shake contains 3g of sugar (from cane sugar). Though this is much lower than some protein shakes (which contain 10g of sugar per serving or more!), there are other protein powders available with no sugar at all.

In general, sugar is highly-addictive, while being void of nutrients and bad for your health. Plus, once you consume it, you always crave more; Therefore, it’s best to limit sugar in your diet as much as possible.

Besides cane sugar, the Premier Protein Powder also includes two healthier sweetener options, Stevia and Monk Fruit Extract. These natural sweeteners typically do not cause any side effects the way artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols can, while still having no calories. In addition, they don’t spike blood sugar in the same way as sugar – helping you to control your appetite and hunger levels better.

Vitamins / Minerals / Superfoods

Another extremely important aspect of meal replacement shakes are the additional nutrients that are in them. After all, these drinks are intended to replace healthy meals! Therefore, you need to make sure you get the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, digestive enzymes and more that you would from fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods.

This is another area where Premier Protein Shakes fall short, providing only small amounts of three nutrients: Vitamin A (2%), Calcium (20%), and Iron (2%). In addition, there are no superfood blends, enzymes or probiotics for gut health.

For this reason (along with the fact that this shake is low in fiber), we definitely think it’s better suited as a pre- or post-workout shake, or snack in between meals, than as a replacement for a meal.


Premier shake is definitely one of the cheapest protein shakes available (another indication that this probably isn’t your best choice for a meal replacement, but rather a supplemental protein powder). You can find Premier Protein in local retail stores (such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Target), and online at Amazon.

On Amazon, you can get a 17-serving canister of the Vanilla Protein Shake Powder for $15.94 or $0.94 cents per serving.

Company Info

The mission behind Premier Protein is to provide high-quality, protein-packed products that aren’t high in calories or fat, and support your healthy, active life. Along with the protein powders, they also make ready-to-drink protein shakes, clear protein drinks and protein bars.

Premier Protein Shake Conclusion

In summary, Premier Protein Shakes are quite popular because they’re easily accessible, and many people are using them on the keto diet. But, it’s important to remember that although these shakes are easy-to-find, there are many less popular, but potentially better shake options available. For this reason, we highly recommend you check out all the reviews on this site.

If you want to add more protein into your daily diet, especially for muscle-building, toning, or weight loss, Premier Protein Powder can help you do that. But where the shake is high in protein and low in carbs, it’s also low in fiber, with no vitamins, minerals or superfoods. For this reason, we don’t recommend that you use Premier Shakes as meal replacements, rather as protein supplements throughout the day, or to improve your workout results.

Before you make a final decision, we suggest you read additional reviews on this site for comparison, so you can find the shake best suited for you.




1Nutritional information from Price per serving calculated from a package price of $9.29 for Premier Protein Vanilla with 4 servings per package. Accessed 10/7/19.