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310 Shake
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A low-carb, high quality grass-fed whey protein powder with added MCTs.

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310 Shake is a healthy meal replacement formula made with some of the finest natural ingredients in the world.

Perfect Keto Shake Summary

Are you currently on the keto diet, or ready to begin this ultra-popular, low-carb dietary program? In line with your new eating habits, you may be looking for a keto protein powder that can help you meet your daily fat and protein needs on a busy schedule.*

Perfect Keto Whey Protein Powder contains ingredients designed to help you reach ketosis quickly and easily. The powder can be used to make keto-friendly shakes and other beverages that are convenient to take on-the-go.

Read this Perfect Keto Shake review to find out what makes this keto powder unique – along with how it compares to other low-carb options. Plus, find out if this keto shake makes a good meal replacement shake, or if it’s better suited for use in-between meals, or pre- or post-workout.*


Perfect Keto Shakes come in Chocolate, Vanilla and Unflavored. And according to Perfect Keto Shakes reviews, the protein powders are a big hit with users when it comes to taste and texture.

We’ll look into exactly what gives these shakes their signature tastes, but first, let’s examine what some specific reviews reveal about them… (1)

  • Great taste for being low carb
  • Enjoyable taste and keeps me full
  • Great as “hot cocoa” to get extra protein
  • Blends nicely into coffee
  • Not gritty or thick like many protein powders
  • Works well in smoothies

Perfect Keto Shake Nutrition Facts

Moving onto nutrition, a quick glance at the product label of these shakes reveals that it’s missing many of the elements that would make a great meal replacement. Although there’s a good amount of protein, there’s no fiber listed at all! And where are the vitamins and minerals?! Read on to learn more…

Perfect Keto Vanilla Protein Powder Label:

Perfect Keto Base Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Perfect Keto Ingredients:

Whey Protein Isolate (grass fed), Gum Acacia


Starting with calories, Perfect Keto gets it right in this area. With just 100 calories per shake serving, you’ll have lots of options on how you want to enjoy these shakes. In general, you want a protein powder to have a low number of calories, so that you have the freedom to add other ingredients into your shakes and make healthy smoothies. It also gives you leeway to have more calories in another meal – while still sticking with your daily calorie count for the day.

Many meal replacement shakes are loaded with calories, and therefore don’t fit nicely into your dietary program. Especially since you will most likely be having 1-2 of these shakes per day, you want them to support your goals. Any more than 100 calories per serving and you’ll be limited in what you can mix into the protein powder – along with the other ingredients that you can include in it.

Protein Amount

The protein used in the shake (type and amount) is one of the most important aspects of any meal replacement. You need to have enough protein to satisfy your hunger, boost your metabolism and energy, and help with fat-burning. Protein is also essential for hormone regulation, healthy skin, and muscle growth and repair. In short: you need enough at every meal, and more when you’re trying to drop pounds.

The Perfect Keto Shake contains 15g of protein, an ideal amount for a good meal replacement or protein powder. On keto, you want protein to be 20-25% of your diet daily. Therefore, having this shake 1-2 times per day will definitely help you reach your protein goals.

Protein Type

The type of protein is also just as important, and the Perfect Keto Shake contains a whey protein isolate made from grass-fed cow’s milk.

In general, a whey protein isolate is a more concentrated form of whey, and is almost completely protein. Therefore, it has less lactose, fat and raw nutrients. If you’re trying to build muscle, whey protein isolate is your best option. Also, if you’re allergic to dairy, you may be able to use this protein powder since it has less lactose in it.

Since the protein used in Perfect Keto shakes is grass-fed whey, it has more nutrients than it if came from grain-fed cows. Grass-fed whey is known to have more omega 3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory and linked to many health benefits. In addition, it’s also high in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), an omega-6 fatty acid that may help reduce body fat. (2)

The only downside of having whey protein in these keto shakes is that they aren’t suitable for keto vegans or vegetarians. And research shows that plant-based shakes are actually just as effective for building muscle, while offering a ton of additional health benefits.


When it comes to meal replacement shakes, fiber is also one of the most important ingredients on the label. But mysteriously, it’s missing from the Perfect Keto Protein Shakes label. The fact that the company does not easily make it known how much fiber is in the protein powder, if any, is just another red flag that this would not be your best option for a meal replacement shake.

Fiber is an incredibly important aspect of a healthy diet. It helps fill you up and keep you satisfied so you don’t reach for unhealthy foods in between meals. It’s also essential for good digestive, gut and bowel health. In addition, getting enough fiber helps you keep your cholesterol at a healthy level and supports heart health.

To drink this keto protein powder as a meal replacement, we recommend adding it into a blender with other high fiber ingredients like leafy greens, berries and chia seeds.


Since the Perfect Keto Shake is designed first and foremost to fit into a keto dietary plan, it’s obviously low in carbs. It has only 2g of total carbohydrates per 1 serving scoop, which is great. Of course, the label doesn’t tell the net carbs since there is no fiber amount listed – but either way, 2g of carbs is nice and low, which is ideal for keto and low carb diets.

Sugar / Sweeteners

There is NO sugar in Perfect Keto protein powder, which is awesome. Sugar is obviously not allowed on the keto diet. And in general, it’s a dangerous ingredient that can put quite the damper on your health along with your weight loss goals.

While many protein powders are loaded with sugar, it’s refreshing to see one that doesn’t contain any. However, we are a bit confused as to how the company makes their shakes taste good, since many of the Perfect Keto Shakes reviews state that they enjoy the taste.

On Amazon, the Perfect Keto Shake label shows that it contains Stevia Leaf Extract as a sweetener. This would make sense, as this is a popular natural sweetener that companies use when they don’t want to use artificial sweeteners. Some research shows that Stevia may actually be good for you in certain ways, and doesn’t raise blood sugar levels.

However, on the Perfect Keto Shake product page, the label does not list Stevia as an ingredient. Instead, it recommends that you “add a bit of unsweetened cocoa powder, sea salt and Stevia Leaf extract, and you have a delicious powdered supplement to enjoy any time and way you like”.

This comment shows us that the shakes actually don’t include Stevia, and there is perhaps an older product supply on Amazon. Although recent Perfect Keto reviews still mention great taste, you may want to have your own Stevia on hand just in case.

Fat / Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)

Each Perfect Keto powder contains 4g of “high quality fats”, which are beneficial for those trying to enter into ketosis. However, since the protein used is whey, all 4g is saturated fat. It would be better if this protein powder were plant-based, since consuming too many saturated fats is already something that can become an issue on the keto diet.

In addition to that, each protein powder contains 5g of medium chain triglycerides, or MCT Oil powder – a unique quality you won’t find in many diet shakes. MCT Oil typically comes from coconut oil and is an incredibly popular supplement amongst those on the keto diet, due to its ability to give quick body and brain boosting energy, and help your body get into ketosis. (3)

MCT Oil also gives a boost of fat that you need on the keto diet, since 70% of your diet should come from (preferably healthy) fats. Therefore, in order to get into ketosis, you shouldn’t just have protein by itself – you need to have fat with it. Which is why this shake is perfect for the keto lifestyle – the fat source is already built in.

Vitamins and Minerals?

It’s clear to see from the sheer lack of vitamins and minerals in this shake, that it’s not meant to be a nutritional shake. Instead, it’s meant to help you keep up with stellar fat and protein content throughout the day, to stay in ketosis.

The whey protein isolate in the shake provides very small amounts of 3 minerals: calcium, phosphorus and sodium. But there are no vitamins, whereas many shakes contain good amounts of around 15-25 vitamins and minerals per serving, for comparison.

In addition, there are no other added perks to this shake nutrition-wise. In contrast, our #1 rated shake, 310 Shake, contains 20 vitamins and minerals (most at 30% of the recommended daily value). In addition, the shakes contain 1 billion CFU of probiotics per serving for gut health and a superfood greens blend with high-nutrient additions like organic maca root, kale, spirulina, beet juice and pomegranate extract.

How to Use Perfect Keto Shakes

On the Perfect Keto website, the company recommends that you have their ketogenic protein powder in smoothies or other beverages like coffee. You don’t have to use a blender if you don’t want to, as the powder can easily be mixed into your drinks.

As for when to drink them, the recommendations include in place of breakfast (as a meal replacement), in between meals as a snack, before working out for an energy boost, or after working out to support muscle growth.

Although the company mentions it can be used as a meal replacement, getting enough fiber and nutrients is already hard to do on a keto diet. We would recommend you have the keto powder as part of a meal, but not as the entire thing.

Perfect Keto Cost

On the Perfect Keto website, the whey protein shake is $38.99 for 20 servings. This comes to $1.95 per shake serving – which is slightly cheaper than many other protein powders. In this case, we don’t think the price of the shake reduces the quality of it – as grass-fed whey protein isolate is one of the best options for a whey-based shake.

However, the shake is missing many of the nutritional elements that would make it a good meal replacement shake. And even though other shakes may be more expensive, we think if they have these missing elements it would be worth it to spring for one of them instead.

Company Info

Perfect Keto was created by a certified sports chiropractor, functional medicine provider and entrepreneur named Dr. Anthony Gustin. His goal when creating Perfect Keto shakes was to help his patients live a healthy lifestyle and abide by the ketogenic diet.

Dr. Gustin believes that the keto diet can be a great tool for people to potentially help them lose weight and improve their health. In line with that thinking, Perfect Keto offers a line of products that help people enter and stay in ketosis. Along with the ketogenic shakes, the company also offers a collagen powder, ketone base, keto testing strips, food items and more.

Perfect Keto Protein Shake Conclusion

After completing this Perfect Keto Shake review, we definitely have mixed opinions about this keto protein powder. On the one hand, it can be a great tool for those on the keto diet, to help them get the protein and fat that they need – and help them get into ketosis more easily. It can be hard to continuously find good keto food options, especially for on-the-go. Having a good quality keto protein shake can help you stick with the diet, even with a busy lifestyle.

That being said, this shake is better suited as an addition to a smoothie, coffee, other drink or food item – not as the main event as a meal. If you’re planning to have it in place of a meal, you need to have other things with it in order to get the fiber, vitamins, minerals and superfoods you need on a healthy diet.

In short, we think this is a great keto protein powder (complete with protein from grass-fed whey isolate, fats, low carbs and even MCTs). But we don’t think it makes your best option for a meal replacement shake. Before you make a final decision, we suggest you read additional reviews on this site for comparison, so you can find the shake best suited for you.



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