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310 Shake
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LadyBoss makes supplements for women including "fat burners" "shakes" and "sleep optimizers"

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310 Shake is a healthy meal replacement formula made with some of the finest natural ingredients in the world.

LadyBoss® was founded by fitness professional, Kaelin Tuell Poulin, in 2014 with the mission of “helping women lose weight and love themselves again”. LadyBoss LABS is a branch of the company offering nutrition products for faster weight loss and fitness results. The 5 products, called the “transformation system” include 2 workout drinks, a meal replacement shake and 2 supplements; the company states that all of the products should be used together in order to slim down and tone up.*

This review is specifically about the Lady Boss Lean Shake, which is promoted as one of the best-tasting weight loss shakes. But despite the fact that many Lady Boss Lean reviews show users raving about the taste, others reveal problems with the third ingredient in the formula: maltodextrin – a highly-processed thickener/sugar that can cause less-than-desirable side effects.*

In addition, despite all of the “girl power” and “sparkle” surrounding the company, many Lady Boss reviews on Facebook display that ordering and returning products can be quite the inconvenient ordeal. So, does this company offer great-tasting products that can actually transform you, or is it wiser to avoid this weight loss program? Read on to find out our opinion…

The Lady Boss Lean Shake comes in a Vanilla Cake flavor

Taste: Super Yummy or Super Sweet?

The LadyBoss Lean Shake comes in just one flavor: Vanilla Cake. Now, this definitely sounds like a scrumptious flavor (if you like vanilla cake!), but not if you don’t. You definitely need to have a sweet tooth to crave this shake! And sure, you can add in additional ingredients to change the taste when blending up a smoothie, but if you want to mix up a quick shake on-the-go with just water or milk, you can’t.

So, how does the cake taste? Most Lady Boss Lean Reviews said that it’s actually quite delicious. In fact, this is why most people buy this shake… so they can indulge in a tasty treat that is low in calories. A number of reviews revealed that the shakes have rich and creamy textures and a dessert-like, true cake flavor that goes well with a lot of different ingredients such as peanut butter, cocoa powder and banana. (1)

The fact that the meal replacement shake tastes good is great, since you won’t stick with a weight loss program otherwise. However, there were a handful of Lady Boss Reviews stating that the shake was too sweet for them, or they weren’t wowed by the taste and it was just “okay” for all of the hype.

LadyBoss LEAN Shake Nutrition Facts

Moving onto the nutrition facts for the Vanilla Cake Shake, how good is it for you? Does it offer enough protein to boost your metabolism/energy and fiber to hold you over? How much sugar is in each serving and what is the source? Let’s dig in…

LadyBoss Lean Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

LadyBoss LEAN Ingredients:

Whey Protein Isolates, Whey Protein Concentrate, Maltodextrin, Vitamin, Vitamin Pre-Mix, Fibersol8-2, Non Fat Dry Milk, Fructose, Natural & Artifical Flavors, Xanthan Gum, Digestive Enzymes, and Stevia.

Contains Milk


Starting with the calorie amount, this shake delivers on a low-calorie shake with just 100 calories per serving. That’s a great number for a weight loss shake, since so many meal replacement shakes are loaded with calories that make it difficult for people to stick to a daily dietary regimen and meet their goals.

With 100 calories per serving, you can add a variety of healthy ingredients into your shakes without worrying that the calorie count will creep too high. And you can therefore blend up yummy, healthy smoothie recipes that ensure you’ll have variety in your meals and in your day.


Each serving of the LadyBoss Shake contains 17g of protein, which is a good amount for a meal replacement shake. The protein in the shake is what boosts your metabolism and energy and keeps you full and satisfied, along with fiber. Protein is also low in calories, yet filling.

The type of protein used in the shake is a grass-fed whey isolate and whey concentrate blend, which has no GMOs and is rBGH hormone free. We love that these proteins are clean and healthy, and whey is a good protein choice since it contains a large range of essential amino acids that help you build muscle and lose fat.

The only problem with whey is that it isn’t tolerated well by everyone and can cause digestive issues in some. (2) Research shows that plant-based proteins are equally effective to help you tone up and slim down, and they don’t cause the same digestive problems. In addition, they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. (3) 


Fiber is one of the two most important ingredients in a meal replacement shake, along with protein, since it forms the bulk of the shake and is responsible for keeping you full and satisfied. Having adequate fiber in the shake also helps streamline your digestive processes and rids your body of toxins.*

The Lady Boss Shake uses a “patented fiber blend” called Fibersol-2 in their shakes, which the company states gives each shake its creamy texture. The problem is that each shake serving only has 2g of fiber, which is not enough in our opinions. For a weight loss shake to fill you up and hold you over, it should have around 5g of fiber per shake serving.

We did come across some Lady Boss reviews stating that the diet shake did not keep them full for a long period of time, which is undeniably due to the low fiber amount in the shakes. (1) 


Especially since this shake is designed to replace a meal, it needs to be well-balanced and contain essential vitamins, minerals and whole food nutrients. The LadyBoss Vanilla Cake Shake includes a vitamin/mineral blend with 18 vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C and E and minerals magnesium and calcium. The blend also includes biotin, a B vitamin that promotes healthy hair, nails and skin.

The shake also includes digestive enzymes, which were added in order to make all of the ingredients in the formula easier for the body to absorb and digest. However, the shake doesn’t contain any type of superfood blend or probiotics.

For a diet shake to qualify as a long-term healthy lifestyle product, it should offer as many real food nutrients as possible. Therefore, the addition of a superfood greens blend like you will find in our #1 rated shake, 310 Shake, would help you get in your daily intake of fruits and veggies and supply additional antioxidants and fibers.

In addition, the LadyBoss meal replacement shake doesn’t contain probiotics, or healthy bacteria that boosts your gut and immune health. Probiotics support total body wellness and a healthy weight when taken daily, so it would be a huge added bonus if they were included in this shake formula. (4)

Sugar/Sweeteners: Beware of Maltodextrin

The Lady Boss Lean Shake has 4g of sugar per serving, which is not terrible. The lower the amount of sugar in each serving, the better, since sugar in any form is undoubtedly bad for your health and your weight loss goals. There are many diet shakes available that have less than 4g of sugar per serving, but there are also many with higher amounts.

LadyBoss Lean Shakes also don’t contain any artificial sweeteners, which is great! Artificial sweeteners are far sweeter than actual sugar, and can mess with your body’s natural fullness signals, causing you to be extra hungry and eat more calories. The natural sweetener they use instead is plant-based Stevia.

The only problem in this category comes in the form of another sugar that is used in the formula: maltodextrin. This ingredient is not just listed at the end of the ingredient list on the label… it’s the third ingredient! This means its very prominent in the shake.

Maltodextrin is a highly-processed white powder made from corn, rice, potato starch or wheat, that’s closely related to a corn syrup solid. (5)

One of the biggest problems with maltodextrin is that it’s crazy high on the glycemic index, with a GI level even higher than table sugar! This means that your body digests this sugar too fast, causing a rapid rise in your blood sugar levels, which is bad news for your health and your weight loss goals. Continued high blood sugar can lead to major health concerns over time, but it also leaves you in a state where you are more hungry, leading you to eat more. (6)

In one Lady Boss Lean review, someone with diabetes consistently experienced very high blood sugar levels after drinking the shake, and didn’t realize the culprit was the maltodextrin until this occurred over a few days. (7)

Another problem with maltodextrin is that it can negatively affect your gut health, suppressing the growth of good bacteria or probiotics, which are important for your immune system, leaving you more susceptible to disease.

Finally, some reviewers reported digestive side effects when using the LadyBoss Shake, which is likely due to the maltodextrin. Some side effects that could be caused by this processed additive include bloating, upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, gas and unexplained weight gain. (8)

Lady Boss Lean Cost

Moving on to the price of the shake, there are NO prices listed for any of the products on the Lady Boss LABS site, which in our opinion is quite frustrating to say the least. In fact, even if you click on an item and add it into your cart, you still are not able to see the price! Only after you fill out a form with all of your information including your full name, address, email address AND phone number, are you able to see the price of the items.

At that point, you can see that one bag of Lean shake is $57.95 (or $1.93 per serving), or you can get a discount if you buy 2 or 3 shake bags at once.

After getting past the inconvenience of not being able to see prices from the start, we think the price of this shake is reasonable, since it does include high-quality protein with the grass-fed, hormone-free whey, and also has a vitamin/mineral blend. However, there are also other shakes available that cost the same amount or a bit more and do not include a large amount of maltodextrin, plus offer superfoods and probiotics in their shakes; in our opinion, this makes them better suited to be long-term healthy lifestyle shakes.

Customer Service/Return Policy Sob Stories

LadyBoss is on the newer side as a company, so they may become more efficient over time, however, there were a concerning amount of negative reviews on Facebook about the LadyBoss Support Team, which raised a red flag. (9)

These panicked reviews were mostly from people who had just placed an order, and then could not reach Customer Service at all. They didn’t receive any tracking information for their order after days (some for weeks!), and had no idea when and if it would arrive. Many of them questioned whether they had just been scammed for their money.

Luckily, every single negative review did eventually include a comment from a LadyBoss Support Team member apologizing deeply for the frustration and making it right, but only after their complaint.

In addition, it seems the LadyBoss cancellation process is quite complicated. In one recent review, a woman who was trying to return her products was extremely turned off by the lack of support she received. First, she was told the staff was too busy to help her and then after days they emailed her a link to cancel. When she clicked on the link, she was informed that if she canceled, she could never order the Lady Boss products again! After confirming that she didn’t want the products, she still had to return them on her own and was given zero guidance. She waited days for responses, was never sent a shipping label, and wasn’t even given an address where she could send everything. (10)The LadyBoss Shake is part of a 5-product transformation system.

Support Group

On the flip side, Lady Boss Lean does offer a Facebook Community Group where members can join and encourage each other towards their goals. However, its not apparent whether or not they have professional nutritionists or fitness experts present to help answer questions or moderate. Since they are a newer company within the last 5 years, the group also does not have as many members as more established company social pages.

Lady Boss Lean Shake Conclusion: Empowering Products or Elaborate Scam?  

For all of its girl power vibes, clever marketing slogans and “sparkle”, we weren’t overly impressed with LadyBoss. While the founder, Kaelin Tuell, is definitely qualified to coach women on how to enhance their health and achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, we thought the LadyBoss Lean Shake falls short.

Women who are looking for a great support system to lose weight will find it with this company, but in the end it may end up being nothing but smoke and mirrors and a potentially great-tasting shake (that might give you blood sugar crashes and digestive issues!).

Can you lose weight with this shake and the complete 5-product “transformation system”? It’s definitely possible, but you can also lose weight without it. The main takeaway is that although this may be a nice program for women that includes a yummy, dessert-like meal replacement shake, the shake isn’t healthy enough to use for the long-term (and since there is only one flavor, you will most likely get bored anyway!)

But for women who need some encouragement to kick their weight loss goals into action, and don’t mind paying for a product until they slim down a bit, this might be the shake for you. Before you make a final decision, make sure to compare this shake to others on our site, so you can see which best meets your needs and find your perfect match.


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