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About our Rating System


At DietShake-Reviews, we are passionate about empowering shoppers to make better, more informed choices. Choices that reflect a commitment to health, wellness, and clean eating. We understand it can be overwhelming to find a diet shake that supports your goals, which is why we have done the heavy lifting for you. We’ve reviewed popular brands on the market, and rated them on a variety of critical factors – including calories per serving, use of good-for-you ingredients (and avoidance of controversial ones), and price per serving. What nutrients do your favorite diet shakes truly offer, and how do they stack up in the areas that matter most to you?

Identifying Diet Shake Brands: 

We’ve conducted significant research to identify the most well known diet shake brands currently on the market. As public tastes change and/or new disruptor brands enter the space, we will update our ratings accordingly. If there is a brand you would like us to review, please feel free to get in touch.

Identifying Diet Shake Flavors:

All of the shakes that we evaluate from each brand are the Vanilla flavor option, since it keeps the reviews fair and balanced.

Identifying Diet Shake Types:

If there are multiple categories of shakes within a brand, we go with the standard type of shake or the most popular one. For instance, Slimfast offers both Original and Advanced shake options, so we chose to review their Original Vanilla. We also try to compare products that are as similar as possible. For instance, if a brand has a powder version of their shake and a ready-to-drink shake (liquid version), we will use the powder version. But if the brand only has a ready-to-drink shake, then we will analyze that product.


Rating Process


Diet Shake Nutritional Elements:

Each nutritional element is analyzed separately. So, using calories as an example, the more calories the shake has, the more it is penalized since more calories are bad for weight loss. The lower the calories it has, the better.

In this example, the shakes with the least amount of calories will get a 10 (the best score), and the shakes with the highest amount of calories will get a 4 (the worst score you can receive in our scale, which uses 4 instead of 0).

Then we do the math for all of the values in between. So let’s say the lowest calorie shake on our site has 90 calories and the highest shake has 250 calories. That means that the shake with 90 calories gets a “10” and the shake with 250 calories gets a “4”.

If the next shake has 100 calories then we do the math: If 90 calories equates to a “10” and 250 calories equates to a “4”, then a shake with 100 calories receives a score of about a “9.6” and then we round down to “9.5”. If the next shake has 110 calories, that brings us to a score of “9.2”, and then we round down to “9”. And so on and so forth. We do that with all of the ingredients and every time a shake is added, the values may change, so we update the chart.

Diet Shake Price & Ingredients:

We also evaluate the price and amount of good or bad ingredients in each shake. Shakes that are lower in price, include healthy ingredients (such as probiotics superfoods) and avoid controversial ingredients (such as artificial sweeteners) will score highest.

If a shake has one of the good or beneficial ingredients it receives a 10, and if it doesn’t we give it a 4. If a shake has one of the bad or potentially counterproductive/harmful ingredients we give it a 4, and if it doesn’t we give it a 10.

Final Rating:

To get the final rating we calculate the average number between each individual rating factor.

Information Sources


All product comparison points – such as calories contained in each serving, price, and other nutritional information – are factual, cited with sources and dates of access.



So there you have it, this is our scientific approach to help you analyze, compare and understand what is behind some of the best diet shakes on the market. You can learn more about Dietshake-Reviews here.