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Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain mass, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to be thinking about what you’re putting into your body. An easy, convenient go-to for any level of fitness-fan is the meal replacement shake. How exactly do these shakes work? And how does their content support your health and fitness goals?

Weight loss, or meal replacement shakes are there to do just that, replace a meal. This gives you a unique opportunity to have greater control over what you put into your body, all while satisfying your hunger. This is the easiest first step to take when starting any new fitness routine. Remember, garbage in, garbage out. Whether it’s day one or day 101, start off each day strong with a well-balanced, great tasting, nutrient-filled alternative and your reward will be results.

Don’t crash and burn with a diet

Question: How can you tell if someone is on a diet?

Answer: Because they won’t stop complaining about it! Have you ever heard someone state that their diet is so easy? Of course not! Diets suck, diets are hard. Most of the time, you just end up cracking, leading to binge eating, weight gain, and of course crashing and burning. Let us not overlook the fact that jumping right into a diet can be a HUGE shock on your system. Stop feeling hungry and redefine the diet by implementing Meal Replacement Shakes.

Here’s the contents of our most popular shake, and why it works:

What’s inside?

  • 15g Protein – Your body needs protein for more than just building muscle. Protein is used to construct enzymes, components of your immune system, and cellular messengers. It can also prevent injury during exercise. 310 Shake stacks the deck against the competition by delivering the perfect amount of protein so you can get the most out of your workout.
  • 5g Dietary Fiber – Studies have shown that dietary fiber can lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease. 310 Shake contains 5g of dietary fiber to help regulate the digestive system and promote a healthy weight.
  • Only 90 calories – A comprehensive, 90 calorie meal. What more could you want?

What’s not?

  • 0g Sugar – Why use sugar when you can use natural ingredients to flavor your drink? Remember sugar is the enemy, and 310 Shake is the hero. Natural flavors exist, so why settle for anything less?
  • 0mg Cholesterol – We all know cholesterol is bad, but did you know that your body actually needs cholesterol to function properly? Luckily for you, your liver naturally creates all the cholesterol your body needs. You won’t find any extra cholesterol in the 310 Shake!
  • 1g Fat – 310 Shake has a very low fat content. You’re already working so hard to avoid fat, so why slow you down with more?
  • 7g Carbs – Compare the carbohydrate content of 310 Shake with any other meal replacement shake with our Shake Comparison Tool. Did You See? 310 Shake cuts out the carbs. Limiting carbohydrate intake will stimulate your metabolism to burn the excess carbs that your body stores as fat, resulting in better results regardless of your workout routine.

All of this, and only 90 calories.

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