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It’s finally spring and with the snow melting, the sun shining, and the outdoors calling, it’s time to get outside for your next workout. Here are 10 outdoor workout ideas that’ll help break you out of your winter hibernation and get in shape for the summer—while soaking in the vitamin D!

Take a Hike

Two hikers with backpacks in the woods

There’s no better way to get out of the house, experience the outdoors, and start sweating than to hit up a local trail. Hiking offers a great cardiovascular workout as you summit steep elevations or navigate hills, rocks, and scenic views. 

Go for a solo nature hike or invite a few friends and make it an outing. Even if you’re just going for a walk in your local park with your furry friend, this is the ultimate outdoor workout. Just make sure to pack the right gear for your trip including water, trail snacks, and extra layers for that chillier view at the top. 

Walk Around the Block

two people and a dog walking in the woods

Not into a long hike? No worries! You can still get a great workout in by taking a walk around the block or heading to your local park. It’s a simple and easy exercise that we do every single day but it has amazing benefits, especially if you’re hitting your daily 10,000 steps (head here for our tips on finding the best fitness tracker!). And the best part? You don’t need any special equipment to do it. 

So don’t underestimate the power of a good walk! Call a friend, listen to an audiobook, or take a walking meeting. Or take the earbuds out entirely and just enjoy a nice nature walk as the weather makes the transition from winter to spring. And before you know it, you’ll have walked a few miles and checked off exercise for the day.

Go For a Run

woman running on the side of the road

Whether you’re turning your hike into a trail run or choosing to run in the park or on the pavement, running is an amazing outdoor workout. It challenges your endurance while strengthening your legs, glutes, and core. 

And unlike the treadmill, an outdoor run has hills, bumps, turns, and curves that challenge you in ways a treadmill never could. And the outdoor run also provides an experience that’s different every time! All you need to start is a good pair of running shoes and the willingness to get out there and try your best as you take in the fresh air—even if your best feels more like walking than running. (Because as we mentioned, walking is also a great exercise!) 

Play your favorite podcast or pump-up music and just have fun with it. It doesn’t matter how far or how fast you run. With each step or stride, you’re improving your cardiovascular fitness by challenging your heart and your lungs to keep up with your legs. 

Try Rollerblading or Rollerskating

Women rollerskating on the road

There’s no better time to try a new outdoor hobby than the start of a brand-new season. And why not make that new hobby rollerblading or rollerskating? It seems like a lot of people are dusting off their rollerblades or purchasing new rollerskates online. 

And for good reason! It’s a great cardiovascular workout, balance challenge, and leg burn all-in-one, without putting too much stress on your joints (unlike running for example!). Plus it’s a blast to get out there and feel like a kid again. Just make sure to stick to flatter territory if you’re new, and wear protective gear like helmets and knee pads to avoid any scrapes or injuries in case you take a tumble. 

Hop on the Bike

Woman biking on the road

If you prefer to stick to two wheels instead of four, biking is another great outdoor workout activity. Similar to rollerblading, it’s low impact. So it’s the perfect workout for burning calories without having to pound the pavement. 

Like the treadmill, a stationary bike just doesn’t compare to getting outside and experiencing the burn in your legs as you power up an actual hill. Or the sensation of finally making it to the top and speeding down as you take in the fresh air and scenery around you. 

Take the bike for a spin solo or with friends. Or if you’re struggling to fit a workout into your busy schedule, hop on the bike for your commute to work! Don’t have a bike of your own? Try your town or city’s bike share program, rent a bike from a local shop, or borrow a friend’s bike to see how you like it.  

Head to the Park or Playground for Outdoor Strength Training

Woman using playground bar for tricep dips

Need a break from the busy gym? Take your strength training workout outdoors by utilizing the “equipment” you’ll find at your local park or playground. Not only will you get a great workout, but you’ll be outside soaking in that vitamin D as you exercise!

Not sure what to do? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Do tricep dips or elevated push-ups on a bench
  • Use the monkey bars for hanging knee raises or pull-up practice
  • Do some sprint drills up the hill
  • Use a tree for wall sits
  • Run or lunge your way up the local football field bleachers
  • Wrap a resistance band around playground equipment to create your own outdoor cable machine
  • Or just roll out your yoga mat in the park for some outdoor namaste!

Break Out the Kayak or Paddleboard

Two people on a kayak in the water

If you live by the water it’s time to grab or rent a kayak or paddleboard and experience the ultimate outdoor arm and ab workout. With paddleboarding, you’ll also be working your balance and stability. Not only is paddling through water a great upper body, core, and balance challenge, but it’s an amazing way to take in the scenery or explore an area you’ve never been to before. 

And when the sun is shining and spring is in full bloom, this is one of the best ways to experience the season. Take out the single kayak or paddleboard for a solo adventure or make it an outdoor date with the double kayak or canoe. Either way, it’ll be so much fun that you’ll forget you’re getting a workout in the process. 

Play Some Beach Volleyball

Woman about to hit a volleyball with blue skies in background

It might be too early to lounge on the beach but a game of beach volleyball could be perfect for a nice, warm spring day. Grab your friends and a volleyball and start a friendly competition. Or join a local league or volleyball team in your area to brush up on your skills before the summer season starts.

All that jumping, serving, spiking, and running (in the sand!) creates the ultimate full-body workout experience. Plus, you’ll be having a blast in the process and won’t realize just how hard you worked until you wake up sore the next day. 

Swim Some Laps

Person swimming with swim cap on in the ocean

You don’t need to live by the beach to make swimming your next outdoor workout adventure! Grab your suit and join your local pool or head to the nearest lake for a quick swim. Swimming is an amazing workout that challenges almost every muscle in your body as you navigate through the water. 

It’s also an incredibly low-impact activity. Getting into the water takes the pressure off your joints and muscles while strengthening them as you move. So if you’re recovering from an injury or struggling with joint pain, this could be a great workout option for you. 

And if it’s still too cold to head outdoors for a swim, start training at the indoor pool. That way you’re in swim shape and ready to hit the beach or your favorite outdoor swim spot when the weather gets warmer. 

Join an Outdoor Sports League

Group of friends playing basketball

Grab your friends and the rackets gathering dust in your back closet and hit some balls around the tennis court. Or get the whole gang together for a fun game of soccer, basketball, or flag football. There are also plenty of social and competitive adult leagues out there for kickball, softball, soccer, and more that could be a great way to stay in shape and meet new people.

Outdoor sports offer an amazing cardio challenge that’ll have you sweating in no time. Plus they’re a great way to get outside, meet new people, or catch up with friends or family. And who cares if you aren’t good at it! As long as you’re having fun and moving your body, that’s all that matters. 


Whatever outdoor workout adventure you choose, make sure you’re loading up on sunscreen and staying hydrated! Then, give your body the nutrients it needs post-workout with a high-protein meal replacement shake. Check out our top-rated diet shakes for 2022 to find the right one for you.

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