Low-Sugar Breakfasts To Fuel Your Morning with Incredible Taste Low-Sugar Breakfasts To Fuel Your Morning with Incredible Taste
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If you have a serious sweet tooth, you know how hard it can be to fight the urge to splurge on all your favorite high-sugar treats… donuts, ice cream, baked goods, sodas and more. But whereas many foods are obviously high in sugar, others are much more sneaky! In fact, sugar-laden foods are actually much more prevalent than you may think, especially when it comes to breakfast.

From so-called “healthy” cereals and granola bars loaded with added sugars, to flavored yogurts and milks, to fructose-packed fruit juices, breakfast can be a tricky time of day when it comes to side-stepping the sweet stuff. In fact, you may not even realize that many wheat breads contain added sugar!

The bottom line is that unless you dive in a little deeper to get a closer view of what you’re actually consuming, you could be satisfying your sweet tooth while simultaneously assuming you’re eating a very clean and healthy diet; Meanwhile, fueling your sugar cravings!

In this article, we’ll give you some amazing “no sugar” breakfast foods to inspire your appetite, along with recipes for healthy breakfast ideas that will get you off the sugar “crazy cycle”. As it turns out, keeping up with a low-sugar breakfast foods list is even easier (and more delicious) than you may imagine! Not to mention, you’ll reap the many health benefits of cutting out sugar.

Read on to learn how to finally toss the Pop-Tarts and load up on highly-satisfying alternatives instead…

Why Eat a Low-Sugar Breakfast?

As you’ve likely been told a hundred times, there’s many reasons why breakfast is the most important meal of the day – breaking the “fast” from your overnight slumber. In fact, when you do it right, many healthy breakfast choices will empower both your body and mind for many hours until lunchtime, keeping you energized and satisfied. The problem is that sugar makes a really awful fuel, yet is so common in typical diets across the US.

The reason behind this is because, let’s be honest, sugar tastes pretty amazing, topped off with the fact that it’s highly-addictive – sparking your brain’s reward center and prompting you to come back for more. It can also give you a (deceiving) burst of energy, which really is just a rise in glucose in your bloodstream that is very short-term – and when it passes you’ll feel a “crash” resulting in tiredness and maybe even some brain fog plus an irritated mood.

Not to mention that if you’re interested in maintaining a healthy weight, eating too much sugar (especially the fructose you’ll find in high-sugar beverages and many processed foods), is the worst thing you can do. Eating too much sugar causes an overload for your liver, which ends up with no choice but to store it as fat – raising your risk for serious diseases and health problems.

So, all of that to say that despite what you may have been brainwashed to believe, you don’t need to consume foods with added sugar in order to obtain great flavor in your meals. On the contrary, you’ll be far more energized, satisfied, productive and most likely even happier when you choose low-sugar to no-sugar food options – especially for breakfast.

Let’s go over a list of healthy breakfast ideas that don’t include sugar, so you can feel your best, starting with your very first meal of the day…

Low-Sugar Breakfast Foods List 101

Before we dish out some low to no-sugar breakfast recipes, we wanted to give you an idea of a general foods list that’s great for low-sugar meals. As a rule of thumb, you always want to look at product labels, specifically for the line that says “added sugars” to determine what that product includes. But another great thing that you can do is simply stick with whole foods that don’t have product labels. Here are some ideas for both…

No-Sugar Breakfast Foods

  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Healthy oils (coconut, olive, avocado and MCT are great options)
  • Grass-fed butter as a spread on low-sugar bread
  • Animal proteins (chicken, ham, smoked salmon, shrimp)
  • Nuts, seeds and accompanying butters (peanut, almond, cashew, etc.)
  • Fresh veggies (kale, spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, red peppers, cauliflower)
  • Root veggies (sweet potato, yams, etc.)
  • Leftover cooked veggies from previous dinner
  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Fruits (berries are best for low-carb)
  • Cheeses (cheddar, mozzarella, feta, etc.)
  • Cottage cheese
  • Healthy grains (oats, quinoa, etc).
  • Sugar-free (and artificial sugar-free) meal replacement shakes

*Note that the list above includes foods that have “natural sugar”, which is much different than added sugar. Foods with natural sugar such as fruit and dairy are digested differently in the body, and do not have the same detrimental effect that added or processed sugars do.

What about honey or pure maple syrup?

At this point, you may be looking at the low sugar breakfast foods list above imagining all of the various dishes you can quickly make, but a question may arise… What about honey and pure maple syrup?

The issue with these ingredients is that they can definitely be healthy, in moderation, providing your body with natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and more. However, when it comes to whether or not they’re classified as “added sugars”, opinions are mixed.

Although these ingredients are indeed healthy, our recommendation would still be to consume them in moderation, and don’t make them part of breakfast every day. The reason is because they’ll still fuel your sugar addiction nonetheless; However, they’re definitely healthier “sweet” options than regular sugar when you’re really desiring it.

6 Low-Sugar Breakfast Recipes

Ready for some totally-delicious healthy breakfast ideas that don’t include sugar?! Here are some especially yummy options that can also be customized to fit your preferences. Enjoy and remember that over time, your body will adjust to consuming less sugar – and reaching for more savory options will become second nature…

1) Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Frittatas

butternut squash and goat cheese egg bites

Recipe and image by Babyledfeeding.com.

2) 5-Minute Egg Bake

egg frittata with broccoli

Recipe and image by MuscleandManna.com.

3) Avocado Chickpea Toast

avocado chickpea toast

Recipe and image by Living Well Kitchen.

4) Salted Caramel Keto Shake

salted caramel keto shake in mason jars

Recipe and image by 310Nutrition.com.

5) Strawberry Coconut Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

strawberry coconut yogurt bowl

Recipe and image by init4thelongrun.com.

6) Woodland Animal Toast

toast in the shape of a fox

Recipe and image by forkandbeans.com

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