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In today’s busy world, jam-packed schedules and increasing responsibilities can make it hard to give yourself the self-care you truly need – including a clean, healthy diet. The truth is, unless you give your body the “fuel” required to keep your metabolism going strong, ensure optimal digestion, and balanced, boosted energy levels, you’ll likely feel run-down, tired and unmotivated. In addition, weight loss will likely be quite difficult.

Instead, diet shakes can help you get the protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and superfoods you need in a healthy, balanced meal. And the drinks are easy to mix up in seconds, creating an ideal food source for on-the-go. But, what are the best diet shakes to meet the unique needs of women?

This article will go into depth about the best protein shakes to try right now if you’re a woman – and how they can help you fight nutrient deficiencies, burn more calories, build a more toned figure and more. Check them out now, below!

1) 310 Shake

310 nutrition is a healthy diet shake for women

Stand-out quality: Available in mouthwatering flavors, while having NO sugar or artificial sweeteners; Plus, they contain beneficial probiotics for gut, digestive, immune and vaginal health.

When cravings strike, it’s way too easy to reach for a cookie, bag of candy, or bowl of ice cream – but all of these are packed with sugar. This leads to a sugar “high” followed by a crash, likely leaving you tired, moody, and craving more sugar!

Instead, you can satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthier way with protein shakes that taste like dessert, but help you shed pounds. For instance, 310 Shakes come in a variety of flavors (like Salted Caramel, Chocolate and Mocha), yet are sweetened with only Stevia. This plant-based sugar alternative does not spike blood sugar levels or leave you desiring more sugar!

In addition, 310 Shakes are unique in that they contain 1 billion CFU of probiotics – or essential, healthy bacteria. The strain of probiotics in the shakes, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, is especially known for its ability to help prevent colds, boost immune health and support weight loss. In addition, it can help prevent and treat vaginal infections by helping to stop the growth of bad, harmful bacteria in your body.

2) Perfect Keto

perfect keto is a healthy diet shake for women

Stand-out quality: Contains medium chain triglyceride fats (MCTs) – for quick yet lasting energy for your body and brain.

As a woman, you may have been unconsciously trained to avoid foods that contain fat – but recent research shows that fat is actually not the enemy… it’s sugar! Which is why a diet shake with no sugar, that instead supplies heart-healthy fats is an ideal choice.

This shake is unique because it has medium chain triglycerides built right into the protein powder formula. What are MCTs? These fats have a shorter chain than most of the other fats in your diet, allowing them to be absorbed right away, and becoming an instant source of energy. 

In addition, for those on the high-fat/low-carb keto diet, this shake is ideal, providing very low carbs (2g), good protein (15g), and beneficial fats (4g). It’s also low in calories, with only 100 per serving. The only things it’s lacking is fiber, vitamins and minerals, which can be alleviated by adding the shake powder into a blender with additional high-nutrient ingredients for a healthy keto shake.

3) Vega One

vega one is a healthy diet shake for women

Stand-out quality: The main protein in this plant-based shake is pea – which is rich in iron and can help women fight deficiencies in this important mineral.

At, we highly recommend plant-based protein powders, which is why Vega makes the list as one of the best diet shakes for women. The leading protein in this shake is pea, which offers a host of health benefits, especially for females.

Pea protein powder is rich in iron, and 10% of American women are deficient in this important nutrient. This is because premenopausal women often lose iron through monthly menstruation or during pregnancy; In addition, those with poor diets don’t get enough iron-rich foods. Daily diet shakes such as this one can help.

The other proteins in the Vega shake are hemp and sachi inchi – which may also be beneficial for weight loss. In addition, sacha inchi is high in the amino acid, tryptophan, which increases serotonin in the body, potentially reducing appetite and promoting a balanced mood.

4) Ladyboss Lean

lady boss lean is a heathy diet shake for women

Stand-out quality: Fans rave about how awesome these shakes taste, literally “like cake”, while providing good protein, vitamins and minerals.

Switching to a healthy diet in order to slim down can be hard, which is why some of the best diet shakes for weight loss can help. This particular shake brand has been highly-praised for the taste and versatility of the protein shake. With only 100 calories per shake serving, you can use the powder to make dessert-like smoothie recipes, and also to make healthier baked goods.

And while they apparently taste quite yummy, each shake also provides 17g of whey protein per serving –  to help fill you up, fight cravings and keep your energy and metabolism boosted. The formula also contains vitamins and minerals which many women end up deficient in while they are dieting.

In light of this, this shake has a few downsides… it contains maltodextrin, which is a food additive that comes from corn, rice, potato starch or wheat. It’s used to improve taste or texture in products, but unfortunately it can spike blood sugar levels quickly and cause digestive issues in some.

If you try this shake and experience any side effects, we recommend you discontinue use. However, if you aren’t sensitive to the ingredient, LadyBoss Lean Shake could make a satisfying short-term diet shake until you reach your goal weight.

5) Orgain

orgain is a healthy diet shake for women

Stand-out quality: Contains a plethora of organic superfoods that are particularly great for women’s health.

Most of us know how important superfoods are to our diets (or foods that contain an abundance of antioxidants, nutrients, essential fatty acids and more). However, with busy schedules it can be hard to get these extra-special foods into our diets.

Which is why Orgain is a great diet shake for women – containing organic superfood blends packed with essential nutrients to maintain optimal health. One of these superfoods is organic blueberries – which are high in antioxidants that help fight the signs of skin aging. This delicious fruit can also help lower blood pressure and prevent memory loss.

Another superfood in Orgain shakes, organic sprouted quinoa, has minerals that promote good bone health (like copper, phosphorous, iron and magnesium). Plus, it contains manganese, a mineral known to help improve premenstrual (PMS) symptoms.

Ready to pick one of the best diet shakes for women, and try it yourself?! We hope you enjoyed this article, and if you’re interested in learning more about additional diet shakes, check out our in-depth diet shake reviews now.  






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