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Atkins founded Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. in 1989 to promote the low-carbohydrate products of his increasingly popular Atkins diet. This diet was developed after Atkins read a research paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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Showdown: 310 Shakes vs. Atkins Shakes

Though 310 Shakes and Atkins Shakes share some similarities – like being low-carb, low-sugar weight loss shakes – the main difference between these two meal replacement shakes comes down to the ingredients. 310 Nutrition prides itself on offering clean, healthy lifestyle shakes that people can use for the long-term – to drop pounds and also to maintain a healthy weight.

Although you can also use Atkins Shakes for the duration, the ingredient list looks quite a bit different. While 310 Nutrition shakes feature clean, health-promoting ingredients, Atkins shakes contain artificial sweeteners and some controversial additives.

When you do the Atkins program, you start out by following stringent guidelines on what you can and can’t eat, and then you slowly reintroduce foods as the plan goes on. Therefore, Atkins Shakes may be very helpful in the beginning of your diet, but you may wish to replace them with healthy whole foods towards the end.

In contrast, 310 Shakes are designed to be healthy lifestyle solutions that can help you reach optimal health and maintain a fit figure. They’re a great option for daily healthy meals on-the-go and can help you stick to a clean dietary plan on a busy schedule.

Read on to learn more about the difference between these two weight loss shakes…

These shakes can be used as Atkins meals for those on the Atkins diet

Before We Begin… What is the Atkins Diet?

The Atkins Diet is a 4-phase low-carb dietary plan intended to help people lose weight. People need to stick to the plan strictly in order to get their body into fat-burning mode. Though the diet was originally considered unhealthy due to its high saturated fat content, new studies show that some saturated fats may not be as harmful as previously stated. (1)

The 4-step plan starts with Atkins diet phase 1, called “induction”, where people eat 20 grams of carbs per day for 2 weeks. This stage, which includes high-fat and high-protein foods along with low-carb vegetables, is designed to kick off the weight loss process.

This phase is followed by a “balancing” phase where you add more nuts, low-carb veggies and a small amount of fruits back into your diet. Then, when you’re close to your goal weight, phase 3 is called “fine-tuning”. In this phase, you can add more healthy carbs back into your diet until weight loss slows down.

And finally, phase 4 is called “maintenance”, and this is when you can eat as many healthy carbs as your body can tolerate without regaining weight.

Atkins diet foods, such as Atkins bars, shakes, meal kits, treats and frozen meals, allow you to stick to a low-carb diet and have quick food options available for on-the-go. In this way, you can stick to the Atkins diet plan if you don’t have time to make all of your meals and snacks.

Now let’s dig into this review on 310 Shakes vs. Atkins Shakes…

Tasty or Terrible?!

Both 310 Shake reviews and Atkins diet reviews reveal that both of these meal replacement shakes are incredibly tasty. And this is an extremely important aspect, as no one would stick to a dietary plan using them if they weren’t something they looked forward to drinking every day!

Starting with 310 Shakes, users love that there are so many unique flavors to tempt their palates. Shakes are available in staple flavors that are available year-round and also seasonal flavors which are limited-time-only – once they’re gone, they’re gone!

The 310 Shake year-round flavors include Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate, and seasonal additions include Salted Caramel, Mocha, Toasted Coconut and Gingerbread.

310 Shake reviews show that people really love the taste of these shakes, which aren’t too sweet and have smooth, enjoyable consistencies. Users said that they taste great with just water or mixed into healthy smoothies. (2)

In contrast to 310 Shakes, the Atkins Shake ready-to-mix powders only come in Chocolate and Vanilla. However, they also have a variety of ready-to-drink shakes in flavors such as Chocolate Banana, Cookies and Crème and Mocha Latte.

According to Atkins reviews, people also really enjoy the taste of these shakes, which they said are rich and creamy, even with just water. (3)

Now Let’s See Who’s Got the Upper Hand When It Comes To….


For the purpose of this review, we’ll be comparing the nutritional facts for the Atkins Vanilla ready-to-mix shake powder with the 310 Vanilla Shake powder.

Starting with calories, the 310 Shake offers a nice low-calorie amount with just 90 calories per serving. Atkins isn’t far behind with 100 calories per serving.

The fact that both of these shakes offer low calorie amounts makes them great weight loss shake options. The low-calories makes it possible to add other healthy ingredients into your shakes and drink them with another beverage instead of water, if desired. 

It also makes it easy to stick to a low-calorie diet and maintain an appropriate dietary plan that is sufficient for weight loss.

Sugars / Artificial Sweeteners

Both 310 Shakes and Atkins Shakes are also low-sugar dietary shake options. While 310 Shakes have NO sugar at all, Atkins shakes only have 1g of sugar per serving. The problem comes with what Atkins puts in their shakes instead of sugar to create appealing taste…

Atkins Shakes contain an artificial sugar, Sucralose (better known as Splenda). Although this is a commonly used sugar substitute in many foods and drinks, more and more research is revealing that artificial sweeteners in general simply aren’t healthy, especially with long-term, regular use. Plus, they may actually lead to weight gain. (4)

This is because artificial sweeteners are extremely sweet (with Splenda being up to 600 times sweeter than regular table sugar)! All that sweetness can mess with your body’s hormones and satiety signals, so you may end up consuming more calories than you would have otherwise. (5)

In contrast, 310 Shakes include a natural sugar alternative called Stevia, which comes from the leaves of the stevia plant. Although this natural sweetener is also sweeter than table sugar, studies have found that people do not overeat when consuming a meal that includes stevia instead of sugar. In this way, it may help people lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. (6)

Atkins Shakes Contain Carrageenan

Along with artificial sweeteners, Atkins also uses a food additive in their shakes called carrageenan. Though this is a natural thickener made from red seaweed, it’s been shown to cause potential digestive problems in some. (7)

Animal studies show that after consuming carrageenan, potential side effects could include inflammation, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, and potential food allergies. (8) And testimonies by people who have used products containing carrageenan and experienced these issues confirm these findings.

Due to this, many brands have chosen to remove carrageenan from their products. It was also almost banned from all organic foods; the US Department of Agriculture ultimately decided that the ingredient could stay, despite advice from a high-profile regulatory board to drop it. (9)

Therefore, if you’re sensitive to food additives or suffer with a weak or sensitive stomach and have digestive troubles, you may want to avoid Atkins shakes due to the inclusion of carrageenan.


Moving onto the protein in each shake, both 310 Shakes and Atkins Shakes contain a great amount with 15g per serving. Since high-quality protein gives you energy, satisfies you and helps hold off your hunger until your next meal, good meal replacement shakes will contain 15-20g of protein.

The difference between these two shakes comes in the type of protein used. Starting with 310 Shakes, they use a proprietary Tri-Plex blend of three plant-based proteins: pea, brown rice and hemp. Each protein plays a role in optimal absorption and satiety, for the best results. They also work to boost health and support weight loss.

In contrast, Atkins Shakes use a protein blend that includes milk protein isolate, soy protein isolate and sodium caseinate.

The real trouble comes with the soy protein. Although there are conflicting opinions on this issue, many now agree that most soy is not a healthy food option. There are a few problems with soy, but one of the big ones is that it contains isoflavones, which are endocrine disruptors that interfere with the normal function of hormones in your body – potentially leading to health issues. (10)

Though others may argue that soy actually offers some health benefits – such as potentially helping to reduce cholesterol – there is enough evidence against it to conclude that it’s better to avoid this protein since there are much healthier options.

Fiber / Shake Satisfaction

Next, let’s talk about fiber. Both 310 Shakes and Atkins Shakes contain 5g of fiber, which is a great amount for a healthy meal replacement shake. Fiber forms the bulk of the shake, providing satisfaction to the user and helping the digestive system to run optimally.

Since it boosts digestive processes, fiber also helps to clear toxins out of the body that can be prohibiting weight loss and preventing the optimal absorption of nutrients. Shakes that don’t contain enough fiber often don’t keep the user full for a good 3-4 hours – but 310 and Atkins reviews show that both of these shakes are satisfying beverages.

Vitamins / Minerals / Superfoods

Having a sufficient blend of vitamins and minerals is also an important aspect of any nutritional meal replacement shake. Many shake companies skip this aspect, and therefore the shakes don’t provide enough nourishment to replace a well-balanced meal.

Starting with 310 Shakes, they contain a proprietary blend of 20 vitamins and minerals (many of them over the recommended daily value). This includes daily essentials like Vitamins A, E, C, D and B12 and minerals magnesium, iodine and zinc.

310 Shakes also include a proprietary superfood blend with truly nutritious, antioxidant-packed superfoods like organic kale, broccoli and spinach. In addition, they include gut-healthy probiotics which help boost digestive and immune health, along with total body health.

Atkins Shakes also include a vitamin and mineral blend, with 24 vital nutrients per serving. The blend includes Vitamins A, D, K and minerals zinc and iron. However, the shakes don’t offer additional superfoods or probiotics for enhanced health benefits.

Price of 310 Shakes vs. Atkins Shakes

Moving onto price, there’s quite a big difference between these two weight loss shakes… but that also speaks to the quality of the shakes.

Atkins Shakes are definitely a discount shake, at only $13.98 per canister (for 20 servings), so $0.70 a shake. While this is a very low price, it definitely shows in the lesser-quality ingredients, including the soy protein. The shakes also don’t offer any additional health benefits beyond a standard vitamin and mineral blend.

310 Shakes are $68.00 for a 28-serving bag, or $2.43 per shake. While this is more expensive than the Atkins Shakes, less than $2.50 a shake is still an amazing price for a product that includes such high-quality, health-enhancing ingredients. This includes plant-based proteins, a superfood greens blend and more.

Final Verdict: Which Shake is Best?

If your goal is to lose weight and change your unhealthy eating habits to clean, healthy ones, you want a diet solution that you can utilize for the long-term. While Atkins products and shakes may be beneficial tools if you’re following the Atkins diet, they may be something you decide you no longer need after reaching your goal weight.

Atkins Shakes may help you lose weight, but 310 Shakes can also help you get fit and trim, while being healthy lifestyle shakes you can use for the duration. They don’t contain artificial ingredients and they support your complete health.

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